MarketingFit Guide to: Marketing Your Technology to the Manufacturing Sector

White paper outlining Manufacturing IT decision-maker's involvement in the tech purchase process 

Tasked with advancing operations both physically and technologically, manufacturing IT decision-makers must stay up-to-date on upcoming tech trends - think IoT, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Based on key IDG research studies, 2016 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker and the 2017 Customer Engagement survey, this white paper will provide an understanding of how government ITDMs are involved in the tech buying process - whether it be building vendor relationships, evaluating products and services to ensure security, or consuming vast amounts of content for research purposes. 

The white paper will include:

  • Structure of the IT department within manufacturing organizations
  • The collaboration that takes place throughout the purchase process
  • Various sources these IT decision-makers use to make buying decisions, including events
  • Strategic partnerships and vendor relationships

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