Computerworld Forecast 2017 

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Each year, Computerworld conducts a study to forecast organizations' technology plans for the upcoming year. According to the 2017 Computerworld Forecast Study, IT organizations are seeking stability even as they increasingly adopt new technologies. 

Some key findings include: 

  • Enterprise organizations (those with 1,000+ employees) expect an increase in technology budgets for the upcoming year. 
  • Security tops the list of technologies that are expected to see an increase in spending as well as sits atop the list of most important current tech projects. 
  • Organizations are continuing to move into the cloud and are experiencing at least some business value from doing so. 
  • While some emerging technologies, such as Internet of Things, may be a ways in the future for most organizations to implement, a portion do already have them underway or anticipate launching in the next year. 

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